Building Materials

The cornerstones of the company’s building materials division are Morin Brick and Vermont Brick.  Rooted in New England tradition, the companies have over 170 years of combined experience producing a variety of extruded brick and authentic molded waterstruck brick.  These classic New England style bricks have been used in countless projects including Bates, Colby, Bowdoin, Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, and Boston Colleges. Vermont Brick’s authentic waterstruck bricks were selected for This Old House’s 25th anniversary restoration project of the Jonathan Bradford Heald farmhouse. In 2012, Morin Brick will celebrate its 100th year in business.

R.J. Finlay & Co. makes tactical investments in lumber parcels throughout the United States in order to be responsible stewards of the land and to better serve our markets. For more information, please visit

Morin Brick

Vermont Brick

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